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#ifndef __LCD_H
#define __LCD_H

#include <vdr/thread.h>
#include <vdr/device.h>
#include <vdr/player.h>
#include <vdr/dvbplayer.h>

#define LCDPORT 13666
#define LCDHOST "localhost"
#define LCDMAXWID 40

00017 class cLcd : public cThread {
    cControl *replayDvbApi;     
    cDevice *primaryDvbApi;     
    enum ThreadStates {Menu=0, Title=1, Replay=2, Misc=3, Vol=4};
    ThreadStates LastState[LCDMAXSTATEBUF];
    int LastStateP,LineMode;
    bool ToggleMode;
00025     struct StateData {
      char lcdbuffer[LCDMAXSTATES][4][LCDMAXWID+1];
      char lcdfullbuffer[LCDMAXSTATES][LCDMAXFULLSTRING];
      bool lcddirty[LCDMAXSTATES][4], muted, showvolume, newscroll;
      ThreadStates State;
      unsigned int barx, bary, barl, volume;
      unsigned int CardStat[LCDMAXCARDS];
    bool Connect( char *host = LCDHOST , unsigned int port = LCDPORT );
    void Close();
    void Info();
    void SetTitle( const char *string);
    void SetMain( unsigned int n, const char *string, bool isConverted = false );
    void SetHelp( unsigned int n, const char *Red, const char *Green, const char *Yellow, const char *Blue);
    void SetStatus( const char *string);
    void SetWarning( const char *string);
    void ShowVolume(unsigned int vol, bool muted ); 
    void SetProgress(const char *begin=NULL, const char *end=NULL, int percent=0); 
    void SetLine(unsigned int n, unsigned int l, const char *string); 
    void SetLineC(unsigned int n, unsigned int l, const char *string); 
    void SetRunning(bool nownext, const char *string1="\0", const char *string2="\0", const char *string3="\0"); 
    void SummaryInit(const char *string); 
    void SummaryUp();
    void SummaryDown();
    void SummaryDisplay();
    void SetCardStat(unsigned int card, unsigned int stat);
    void Clear(unsigned int n);
    void SetThreadState( ThreadStates newstate );
    void PopThreadState();
    void SetReplayDevice(cControl *DvbApi);
    void SetPrimaryDevice(cDevice *DvbApi);
    void ChannelSwitched(); //to propagate "ChannelSwitched"-Event from cLcdFeed to cLcd
    char *SummaryText;
    unsigned int SummaryTextL;
    unsigned int SummaryCurrent;
    bool connected;
    struct StateData ThreadStateData;
    time_t LastProgress;
    cMutex CriticalArea;
    unsigned int sock, wid, hgt, cellwid, cellhgt;
    char StringBuffer[2*LCDMAXWID+1];
    cCharSetConv *conv;
    const char* Convert(const char *s);
    void BeginMutualExclusion();
    void EndMutualExclusion();    
    void Copy(char *to, const char *from, unsigned int max);
    void SetBuffer(unsigned int n,const char *l1=NULL,const char *l2=NULL,const char *l3=NULL,const char *l4=NULL);
    void Split(char *string, char *string1, char *string2);
    void Write(int line, const char *string);
    void GetTimeDateStat( char *string, unsigned int OutStateData[] );
    void Action(void);
    int closing ;
    bool channelSwitched;

// LcrData
00084 struct LcrService_v1_0 {
  cString destination;
  cString price;
  cString pulse;

// Radiotext
00091 struct RadioTextService_v1_0 {
  int rds_info;
  int rds_pty;
  char *rds_text;
  char *rds_title;
  char *rds_artist;
  struct tm *title_start;

#endif //__LCD_H

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